Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1st, 2014 - Morning Weather Discussion

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Happy March 1st

Don’t kill the messenger…

The arctic cold front has stalled out just to our south, allowing temperatures to drop to the middle single digits again this morning. 

A strong storm is approaching the California Coast today and will come inland tonight.  This storm will move across the Southern Rocky Mountains tomorrow.  It will then track northeast along the stalled out cold front to our south, exiting the coast near the Delmarva Peninsula on Monday afternoon.  This storm will have copious moisture to work with from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Light snow may start as soon as early tomorrow morning and light snow will be likely in the afternoon.  The snow will then become moderate in the evening and possibly heavy at times at night and into Monday morning.  The snow will end on Monday afternoon.  That was the easy part of the forecast.  The difficult part of the forecast is in determining where the snow bands will set up.  I continue to think that a widespread area of 6-12 inches will develop throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Southeastern New York, New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut.  I also continue to believe that a narrower band of 12-18 inches will develop somewhere within the larger 6-12 inch band of snow.  At this moment, I continue to believe that the heaviest snow band is likely to occur across central New Jersey where localized 12-18 inch amounts will be likely.  Please keep in mind that minor changes in track of this storm can easily cause both the 6-12 inch and 12-18 inch band to move either north or south, so please continue to check back for updates.    

After this storm passes, we will have a chance of some light snow on Wednesday as a weak storm approaches our area.

Then on Thursday night and Friday we will have another chance at significant snow as a strong storm will develop in the Southeastern United States.  This storm will then start moving northeast and may make it far enough north to bring us more snow on Thursday night and Friday.  It is not yet a certainty that this storm will make it far enough north to affect our area, but it is definitely possible, so please be sure to check back for updates. 

We will then have another chance for a storm to bring us snow next Sunday into Monday morning.

We will then have another chance for a storm to bring us snow next Tuesday afternoon and night into Wednesday morning.

We will then have another chance for a storm to bring us snow next Thursday night into Friday morning. 

No sign of spring yet. 


Click here or on the map below to view the latest snowfall output map from the medium-range American model. 

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