Sunday, November 20, 2016

Edge Weather Quick Update

Snowfall amounts were higher than expected...

3.5 inches recorded at Schooley's Mountain, Morris County, NJ.

I recorded 1.6 inches here at my weather station in Allamuchy, Warren County, with 3-4 inch amounts likely to have occurred in parts of Northeastern PA, the higher elevations of Northwestern NJ and even into the lower elevations of Southeastern NY State and Northern Fairfield County, CT.

Click here to read the latest snowfall totals from the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, NJ.

I had thought that the warm ground, with highs in the mid 60's in many of these places yesterday, would have limited accumulations, but it snowed hard enough in these locations to overcome the warm ground.

More in a bit with the Look at the Next 2 Weeks and Morning Weather Discussion...

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