Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - Daily Weather Discussion

Heavy snow and strong wind with a Nor’easter tomorrow will bring a chance of blizzard conditions to parts of our area and potentially flooding along the coast…

For a full view of model snowfall maps, look at the third post down the page. For a look at the two-week forecast, look at the prior post. 

A cold high-pressure area is currently situated over Southern Ontario Canada, filtering cold air into our area. A disturbance is passing through the Central Plains States today. This disturbance will start to draw moisture from the Gulf of Mexico today as it heads eastward. The cold high-pressure area over Southern Ontario will continue moving eastward into Southern Quebec, continuing to filter cold air into our area. As the disturbance continues to move eastward towards the Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys it will continue to draw moist air from the Gulf of Mexico but will then also start to draw moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. A low-pressure area will then form over Eastern North Carolina, intensifying and drawing copious moisture from the Atlantic Ocean. This storm will intensify, becoming a strong Nor’easter, causing very heavy snow in a large part of our area and a mixture of rain and snow along the NJ Coast and possibly in Southeastern Long Island. There could be blizzard conditions in parts of our area and flooding along the coast.

For snowfall amounts and more information please check the two-week forecast in the prior post.

Temperatures will then drop as low as the low to mid-single digits inland Saturday morning, before warming up a bit and then the next storm of interest will reach our area for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Please check back through the day as I will be updating the  model snowfall maps as they come out and possibly giving more discussions if time allows…

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